“I move because of my heart and it’s my heart that moves me.” 

Herbert Witschnig is successful entrepreneur, father, passionate advertising consultant for Non Profit Organisations and heart patient. At the beginning of 2014 he founded “Heart moves” together with Monika Sacher.

“I want to prove the doctors that it is possible to live without medication. Heart moves enlightens people who suffer from heart diseases, like me. How can I recognise a cardiovascular disease? What can I do against it? Most importantly: How can I prevent it? Knowledge is power when it comes to your own health!”

As Herbert Witschnig’s high blood pressure was not treated, he suffered from atrial fibrillation. Every single rush of excitement made his heart stumble. His heart could only find his right rhythm through an electric shock therapy. A surgery was unavoidable.

“My heart was beating normally again, but my blood pressure was still too high. Because of several side effects of my medicaments, I felt sicker than ever.” Herbert Witschnig felt constantly tired, weak and unmotivated. Although physical exercise is extremely essential for his health, he could only carry it out with a lot of effort. “I gained a lot of weight, which was even worse for my heart.” Additionally, his medicaments caused a serious skin eruption. 

“As a patient, I hardly ever felt understood or well treated. The doctors prescribed medication for me and then they sent me home. They neither explained to me why my blood pressure was so high, nor did they inform me about alternative treatments.” 
Finally, Herbert Witschnig decided to take no more medicaments. Due to health-conscious nutrition, regular exercise and relaxation, he is now able to live without any medical aid. His heart beats in the right rhythm.

With “Heart moves”, Herbert Witschnig wants to inform on the one hand about cardiovascular diseases and promote prevention. On the other hand, “Heart moves” finances research and aid projects in order to focus on the patients.

Herbert Witschnig (management board member Heart moves)

Herbert Witschnig (management board member Heart moves)